find the gap.
new heads and new paths for architecture

exhibit contribution for the aedes gallery in berlin, 2005

























Instead of paying homage to the stars and big names in the architecture world, the Aedes Gallery decided to celebrate its 25th anniversary by looking forward.  13 young offices were invited to participate in the exhibit, each with its own approach to the "Gap".  The "Gap" is best described by the following excerpt out of the Aedes exhibit catalogue:

"‘Find the Gap’ emblematizes these strategies, based on a refusal to await large-scale projects, while instead exploiting preexisting ‘niches’ – which are spatial as well as contentual in nature – that permit the unfolding of creativity. The provocative projects by this architectural generation featured in the exhibition, the video film, and the accompanying catalog are as astonishing and inventive as they are relevant to the future. Their un-bureaucratic and arresting approaches not only actualize a new occupational image, but new ways of living and working as well.  Moreover, the exhibition demonstrates that architecture is not to be conceived exclusively in terms of constructive tasks, but instead as a vital component of cultural, social, political, and economic processes." (Curators Kristin Feireiss and Ulla Giesler)

bb22 showed 3 projects in the exhibition catalogue that exemplify the above statement:  Ideenlabor Bahnhofsviertel (Idea Lab in the Train Station Quarter), maincafe and the Stadtsalon.  In addition to the projects, together with wemove digital solutions, bb22 developed the video game, “Rette das Bahnhofsviertel!” (Save the Train Station Quarter!)

The installation is made up of a game table with an integrated computer screen, as well as 12 stools, each representing a different character in the game.  The player can choose and configure one of the characters to be the "Superhero" - the one who is capable of preventing the inevitable demise of the quarter.  After the potetial hero is chosen, the player then has the chance to endow the hero with special attributes and skills necessary to gain influence in city politics and survive the urban jungle.  It is not until the end of the game that one realizes, the game is not a game at all.  There is no end to the configuration possibilities.  The player must actively press the "go" button - the player must act in order to win.


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